~Desire, Redefined~

In a society where sex and lust have been dissected, examined, and obsessed over, why is it that many of us still believe that desire is generally, if not automatically, associated with one or both of these things? All that we have been taught about sex and lust should have led us to the truth– that desire can well be a component of these two things but is not always present, even if it seems to be. We should understand that desire can and does exist apart from sex or lust. Indeed, we should be aware of the fact that desire is what keeps many of us alive. For, without desire, what would any of us have to live for?

Desire, when understood for what it is, can serve as an impetus to achieve anything one wants–whether it be a specific accomplishment or series of accomplishments or merely the ability to survive and thrive in spite of obstacles and tribulation. Without desire, life loses its color for it is no longer energized by passion. Thus, it becomes a humdrum existence where each day is lived mechanically instead of enthusiastically. What is there to look forward to, to work towards, to pursue, if one ceases to desire anything? In many ways, a lack of desire demonstrates an indifference to life itself. And living indifferently is not really living–it is merely existing.

One problem with desire being so frequently associated with sex and lust is that many people are afraid to talk about it. Instead of giving us more freedom, our sexually “liberated” society has represssed our freedom. Now that sexual messages are found even when they’re not there, desire is viewed with suspicion. How is it that more freedom can make us less free? Could it be because no society or culture or outside power can give freedom to those who remain enslaved to themselves?

If only we could curb our instincts to pick everything apart . If only we could cease trying to find darkness where there is light and evil where there is good, perhaps we might began to see things more as they truly are. For if one is too intent upon finding something, one will discover it whether it is there . . . or not. But the discovery will only exist in one’s own individual perception.

Perhaps, we need to redefine desire. Maybe, if we viewed it as being completely separate from everything else, we would be able to use it constructively. If we could see that it can be used to bring about radical changes instead of merely to stimulate sexual appetites, we would cease to fear or repress it and would allow ourselves to nourish it.


This page and all written material at My Odyssey is written by Sascha Norris. (C) Copyright 2012 by Sascha Norris. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “~Desire, Redefined~

  1. Even when obsessed with desire one wishes it to go on, knowing it will bring excitement, lust, why deny it ?

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